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About the Trichoptera Literature Database


Trichoptera Literature Database (TLD) is a collaborative effort to provide online access to a bibliography of world Trichoptera literature, including access to PDF files of historically important, rare, or out-of-print older works as well as more current literature for caddiflies. In addition to a list of valid names and synonyms, as provided by the Trichoptera World Checklist, access to the primary literature itself is essential for research in Trichoptera taxonomy and systematics.

The TLD allows the user to search by author, year of publication, and title keywords. It displays citations in a standard bibliographic format, and provides download links to available scanned PDFs. To provide universal web access to this bibliographic resource, the database consists of a dynamic, custom-designed web application (PHP, Symfony framework) created to import XML from an EndNote data file now containing over 12,000 citations. The database is also provided in a number of formats for download.


Ralph W. Holzenthal, University of Minnesota
Patina K. Mendez, University of California, Berkeley
Joshua W.H. Steiner, Josh Steiner Consulting
Jolanda Huisman, University of Minnesota


Joshua W.H. Steiner, Josh Steiner Consulting

How to Cite this Work

Holzenthal, Ralph W., Patina K. Mendez, Joshua W.H. Steiner, and Jolanda Huisman. 2012. Trichoptera Literature Database: a collaborative bibliographic resource for world caddisfly research. [URL:]

Subject Matter Covered

The goal of this database project is to provide a comprehensive bibliography of literature treating Trichoptera, but especially the literature on taxonomy, systematics, distribution, biogeography, and evolution of extant and fossil species. To achieve this goal, the literature is being added both retroactively and proactively.

We also include literature related to basic and applied ecology, behavior, biology, morphology, and physiology of caddisflies. Literature of a general ecological nature, where caddisflies are not the primary subjects of the reference, is generally not included nor is that on toxicology. Deciding on which literature or subjects to include in the database is unavoidably subjective. Users who wish to include references or subjects not included in the current database are requested to send the omitted reference to the senior editor for consideration and inclusion in future versions of the database.

Retroactive Literature Capture


In progress

It is hoped that retroactive capture of literature will be completed by the end of 2012.

Proactive Literature Capture

In future, Zoological Record, will be checked monthly to incorporate new literature as it appears. Web of Science (ISI) and BIOSIS Previews will also be searched periodically. Other sources will be accessed as they are published (NABS bibliography, Braueria, etc.)

Any errors of omission, inaccurate citation, or spelling are those of the senior editor (Ralph W. Holzenthal) and will be corrected as discovered. Comments, additions, or problems with access should be directed to us through email.

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